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ISD Primary: PYP 7 Exhibition a great success!

Contribution by Ms Sara Moroney Congratulations to the PYP7 students for an outstanding Exhibition. Students..

Interdisciplinary Unit MYP 2 (IDU): Arts and English

Miss Avery, Miss La Forge, and Mr. Dessens On Monday the 14th and Tuesday the..

ISD Secondary: IB MYP authorization successful!

We are very proud that the IB has approved ISD Secondary for authorization to offer..

From PYP to MYP is a natural step

Contribution by Ms Evelyne Le Poole and Ms Sandip Jagdev The transition from primary to secondary..

MYP 3 Interdisciplinary Unit: Design and Humanities

Contribution by Ms Minke Veeneklaas What happens if you tell MYP 3 students: “You are working..

Design project with TU Delft: “Together! The New Architecture of the Collective”

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva-Ordaz Over the last months our PYP 4, PYP 6 and..

PYP and the Circle of Life

PYP3 A and B are about to round off an exciting learning journey about life..

Book Week: ‘Apart but Together’

Contribution by Lucy Doyle From the 10th to the 12th of May ISD primary held..

Opening of the M.I.N.D.

Contribution by Ms Mirjam de Bruin and Ms Judith Gerritzen ‘If you have a garden and..

“Opschoondag”: Clean-Up Day

Contribution by Ms Loes Bekkers Saturday, March 20th was the national ‘Opschoondag’ in the Netherlands. This..