Support and guidance PYP

ISD is an inclusive school intended to serve the whole of the international community in Delft. As such a school, we strive to meet the educational needs of all students. Students with specific educational, physical, emotional or social needs will always be considered for our school. The school collaborates with specialist therapists to meet a range of specific needs; however, these services could be at additional costs to parents.

ISD has a Student Care Department that can offer the following services, depending on the needs of the student:

  • in-class support by the class teacher through accommodation of the programme;
  • in-class support by a member of the Student Care Department;
  • pull-out support by a member of the Student Care Department;
  • meetings with the Student Care Department member responsible for pastoral care;
  • support by external specialists through the external support network

The primary department of ISD is part of Samenwerkingsverband Passend Primair Onderwijs Delflanden (PPO Delflanden). Its procedure has to be followed if ISD itself cannot fulfil the requirements for a child with special educational needs. 

The POS report (Passend Onderwijs – Suitable Education) gives an overview of the support that our school can offer in the development of your child. Read here.

Teachers offer guidance
All teachers, in accordance with our Behaviour Policy and our belief on PSPE (Personal, Social and Physical Education), take on the role of counsellor and offer student guidance as and when needed. This is especially so in the case of class teachers who play a vital role in the personal and social development of the students under their care. The school is also able to call on external support services to support students in the school when needed.

Parent portal
We find communication between you and our school very important. Our goal is to get you involved in all activities as much as possible. The Social Schools platform enables us to inform you directly and safely through mobile or web app, by email and/or by push notifications.

Use the following link to go to the portal:
More information on the support services we offer and our inclusion policy you can read here.