Extended Learning Programme

At ISD there is a variety of activities for students to join after their lessons. At ISD Secondary, the extended learning programme is made up of two types of After School Clubs, they are as follows:

Teacher led extended learning at ISD secondary

These clubs are run by ISD staff and are funded by the school, examples are: The Garden Club, Art and Science, TedEd, School Choir, Games Club, Free Running/Parkour, Philosophy Club and Film and History Club. 

King Productions 

King Productions offers after school activities both at ISD Primary as Secondary. They are a dedicated team of experienced instructors who offer a varied programme that includes i.e. a cooking club, lego club, musical theater, circus skills, arts and crafts and cooking club. All KIng Production clubs are paid for by parents.

All clubs run on a 13 week rotation and are reviewed / changed each term.

After School Club News

21 January 2022

After the Spring Break, we will start again with the after school Garden Club at ISD secondary. In the garden around the school, we will sow, plant and grow flowers and vegetables. Join the club and grow spinach, carrots or beautiful flowers in your own part of the ISD garden!