International School Delft is governed by two co-operating school boards:

  • the Laurentius Stichting is the board of 28 primaryschools, including the ISD – Primary, and 1 school for ‘praktijkonderwijs’ in the Haaglanden region.
  • the Stichting Lucas Onderwijs is the board for 79 primary and secondary schools, including the ISD – Secondary, in the Haaglanden region.

The two boards work in close co-operation to carry out their board responsibilities for the two divisions of ISD. It is their ambition to consider ISD as one school that offers a vertically aligned international educational programme for students aged 4-18.

ISD is partly state-funded and for the quality and provisions of its educational programmes accountable to the Dutch Ministry of Education. State-funded International Schools in The Netherlands are all affiliated with a regular school. Through the Laurentius Stichting, ISD – Primary is affiliated with the Gabriëlschool, a Dutch primary school in Delft. Through the Stichting Lucas Onderwijs, ISD – Secondary is affiliated with Stanislascollege Westplantsoen, a Dutch secondary school in Delft.