Leadership and Team

To enhance the development and integration of the whole school, the leadership teams of both the primary and the secondary school see it as their joint priority to ensure a continuous learning experience for our students.

The primary leadership team consists of the Head of School, the Deputy Head and the PYP coordinator.

The secondary leadership team is the Director and the Deputy Head who is  also the MYP coordinator.

Leadership Primary

Head of Primary

Sander Raaphorst

Deputy Head Primary

Sandip Jagdev

PYP Coordinator

Marianne Mink

Leadership Secondary

Director Secondary

Jaap Mos

Deputy Head Secondary/MYP Coordinator

Minke Veeneklaas

Teacher Profile

Teachers appointed to International School Delft have sound academic qualifications and are committed to international education and to International School Delft’s ethos and mission. They are learning-focused and attend continued professional development to ensure their skills remain up to date and in line with the latest educational developments.
International School Delft aims for a diversity of nationalities in its staff team and particularly seeks staff with a passion to commit themselves to the development of the school, as well as to teamwork.

Staff Primary

Sara Moroney

Teacher PYP 7

Mark Shilitoe

Teacher PYP 6

Miros Silva Ordaz

Teacher PYP 6

Lucy Doyle-Fawcett

Teacher PYP 5

Maria Biswalo

Teacher PYP 5

Kayleigh Adams

Teacher PYP 4A

Brittany Mohr

Teacher PYP 4A

Jessica Lanzafame

Teacher PYP 4B

Elle Cox

Teacher PYP 3

Dieuwke Bart

Teacher PYP 3

Alanna Johnson

Teacher PYP 1-2

Jacqui Wilmot

Teacher PYP 1-2

Femke Danse-Goossens

Teacher PYP 1-2

Maiwenn Heijbers

Teacher PYP 1-2 / SEN Teacher

Anne Criado

SEN Coordinator / SEN Teacher

Irene Alkemade-Verdijk

ELL Teacher PYP

Heidi Heskes

Dutch Teacher PYP

Marloes van den Heuvel

Dutch Teacher PYP

Federica Grassulo

Music Teacher PYP

Sytse van der Zwan

PE Teacher PYP / ICT Coordinator


Support Staff

Renu Ochani

Teaching Assistant PYP 3- 8

Ryan Midgley

Teaching Assistant PYP 1-2

Kerryanne O’Reilly-Dekker

Teaching Assistant PYP 1-2

Barbara Hupkens-Paap

Teaching Assistant PYP 1-2

Simo Mouhsine 

Concierge Primary


Staff Secondary

Valerie Avery

Art Teacher MYP

Loes Bekkers

PHE Teacher MYP

Elize Burgess

SEN Teacher

MariNieves Fagel

Spanish Teacher MYP

Melisha Lemain

English Teacher MYP

Evelyne LePoole

Dutch Teacher MYP

Suneel Madahar

Science and Design Teacher MYP / Homeroom Teacher / Mentor

Christina Papoula

Maths Teacher MYP

Sofia Raptopoulou

Cover Teacher

Minke Veeneklaas

Humanities Teacher MYP


Support Staff

Elly Davis

Operations Officer

John Brouwers

Concierge Secondary


Whole School Staff

Claire Johnstone

Admissions officer Primary

Ashly Bennett

Admissions officer Secondary / Administrator Secondary

Anne Criado

SEN Teacher

Miros Silva-Ordaz

TU Delft Liason (whole school)

Mirjam de Bruin

Communications Officer