What makes ISD special?

Our staff of highly qualified professional educators and support personnel, is committed to providing our students with many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We invite and encourage families to work in partnership with us to ensure that students achieve their highest potential.   

Tight-knit friendly community

As a smaller sized international school, we offer a warm, safe and friendly community of students, teachers and parents, in which we can fully support students in their social and emotional development. Our size furthermore allows us to get to know each student’s unique personality and background including their individual goals.

Future-oriented learning

The inquiry – based learning at ISD strives to be current, relevant and prepares our students for the ever changing future. Design, innovation and sustainability are important themes within our curriculum.


We feel that collaboration is important in everything we do. We embrace diversity and value how we can work together and learn from each other. We also strive to work together and share knowledge with other organisations. ISD is proud of its partnership with the highly acclaimed Technical University of Delft, which inspires and motivates our students. Examples of our partnership are reflected in a variety of joint projects, often on design thinking.

Supportive and dedicated staff

Teachers appointed to International School Delft have sound academic qualifications and are committed to international education and to International School Delft’s ethos and mission. They are learning-focused and attend continued professional development courses to ensure their skills remain up to date and in line with the latest educational developments.

Centrally located in historic Delft

ISD is centrally located in the western part of the Netherlands, in between The Hague and Rotterdam, but also a mere hour away from Amsterdam by train. Both ISD school campuses are excellent accessible by bike, road or rail. The city of Delft is a picturesque canal – ringed town, famous for its signature blue and white Delft Blue pottery and as the birthplace of golden age painter Johannes Vermeer.