Subjects in the MYP

At International School Delft, MYP students currently study the following subject areas, for MYP 1, 2 and 3, in 2020-2021. Note: as the school expands with the addition of MYP 4 and 5, the courses offered will be diversified.

Language and Literature
The school offers English and Dutch as Language and Literature courses. The school encourages students, in compliance with the IB philosophy,  to keep up their home language. This can be done through mother-tongue afterschool groups, which are initiated by parents with the support of the school.

Language Acquisition
This subject is  referred to as modern foreign languages. For students who are not native English speakers, English Language Acquisition is offered. These students also receive additional support if needed. Dutch, being the host country language, is also offered as an Acquisition language. Students are also studying Spanish or French.

In the mathematics lessons,  MYP 1, 2 and 3 levels are integrated, but differentiation within the group takes place in accordance with students’ academic needs.

Integrated Sciences
In MYP 1, 2 and 3 an integrated science course is offered which covers a variety of topics such as biology, physics and chemistry. In MYP 4, the school will offer separate subject options in preparation for the Diploma Programme.

Individuals and Societies
An integrated programme is offered in the first 3 years of the MYP. This course covers subjects such as geography, history and global citizenship.

Design is offered at ISD as an integrated subject, which includes a variety of design disciplines. Strong connections with the TU Delft and design experts provide a strong design component in the curriculum.

The school offers an integrated course of visual arts and performing arts over the five years of the MYP. In the first years, the emphasis is on Visual Arts.

Physical and Health Education
This is an integrated course for MYP 1, 2 and 3 and will be extended for all five years. The programme incorporates theory, as well as indoor and outdoor sports activities.

Mentor Hour
In addition to the curriculum subjects, ISD aims to support students in acquiring skills they need to manage their lives both personally and socially. Topics such as healthy lifestyle, digital citizenship and approaches to learning are covered.