TU Delft

From 2023, both International School Delft Primary and Secondary will be located on the campus of the Delft University of Technology. With whom there is already a close relationship. The highly reputable TU Delft is inspiring as a place of future innovation and real-world learning through its long standing focus on design, engineering, IT and science.
ISD works with the university to mutually benefit students from their respective communities, encouraging learning from and within the community. The school benefits from close ties with the TU academic teaching staff and the access to  world-class facilities those ties provide.

ISD is working on projects with the Department of Industrial Design Engineering. This partnership enables ISD to work with students from the department and also to use the school as a base for research projects and testing of new designs and innovations.

ISD has also been exploring the possibility of building links between the Department of Sport and Culture, and the Department of Science, to see how ISD can enrich the programmes to make the best use of both the expertise and facilities that are available. ISD uses the partnership with TU Delft to motivate, inspire and raise aspirations of the students. Technical expertise is shared and the opportunities for all students are enriched by this established community link.


Picture: Przemyslaw Pawelczak / CC BY