Careers Guidance

At ISD, we offer careers guidance lessons, starting in MYP 4 until IB DP2.

Finding the right higher education and career pathway is not an easy process and there are various important decision moments. From starting to think about the, to choosing subjects for the IB Diploma Programme, to deciding which path you wish to take in the years after secondary school.
In the Careers Guidance programme the two Careers counsellors at ISD work intensively together with the students to support them with these decisions. This will be done in the form of lessons during the mentor time, 1:1 meetings and information sessions or workshops.

Throughout the lesson programme we focus on five career competences that are derived from the Careers Wheel.

Key questions are:

  • What Can I? Quality / values / strengths reflection
  • What do I want? Interest and Motivational reflection
  • What options are available? Careers and Higher education exploration
  • Career self-management: how do I get there, what steps are there to take?
  • Networking: who or what can help me to get to where I want to be?


An essential component of the school’s university and careers guidance curriculum is the BridgeU platform.  BridgeU puts all the essential information students need to know about the higher education application process in one place. In addition, BridgeU is designed to help our students keep track of the important deadlines and milestones, ensuring they submit their applications on time.

Features of the programme include extensive information about universities and careers, guides about studying in different locations and various assessments. For older students in the IB DP, there are various helpful tools like: document sending, reference writing, admissions insights and Smart University Matching. The platform manages the complex challenge of preparing and carrying out university applications, using data, intelligent tools, and streamlined task management, helping to prepare students with their university admissions.

IB DP – Pathway to University and Employment
DP students apply to more than 3,300 higher education institutions, in close to 90 different countries, each year.
The most popular of these institutions are ranked among the top universities in the world. The DP focuses on rigorous academic study, within a broad and balanced curriculum, which prepares students for employment. Students in the DP also can apply their knowledge and skills to community service, gaining valuable experience outside the academic world. According to various studies, DP students are better able than their peers to cope with demanding workloads, manage their time and meet the expectations placed on them.