The school fees are established annually for the following academic year, taking into account, amongst other considerations, indexing/inflation. In addition, the school reserves the right to further adjust the school fee in order to accommodate changes, such as state funding towards school fees, increases in external examination fees, extension of facilities, and programmes offered.

International School Delft charges a non-refundable €250 registration fee and a deposit of €500* is also charged for new students. This deposit is refundable upon departure when all financial obligations have been met.

*Deposit An initial deposit of €500 is charged to all students transferring from the primary school to the secondary school. This deposit is refundable on leaving ISD when all obligations have been fulfilled.

SCHOOL FEES 2023-2024

ISD Secondary

Annual School Fee


Deposit (once-only, refundable) for new students*


School activities (including curriculum-related trips)


School activities: curriculum-related trips and camps


MYP 2-5




New student expenses (incl. hoodie, sports shirt, yearbook, school photos)

Existing student expenses (yearbook, school photos – hoodie and shirt at extra costs)



Personal Project Fee – MYP 5 only


Technology fees* – laptop (incl insurance) 
                            – software

Own Macbook (new students MYP 4/5 only – see specs)




All stated amounts are in Euro

ISD Primary

Annual School Fee


Deposit (once-only, refundable) for new students*


Various activities, incl. school photos

Charged per event

All stated amounts are in Euro

The fees and additional costs do not include additional charges for specialist learning support, after school clubs or mother-tongue lessons.

All parents are expected to complete an ‘Acceptance of Confirmation’. This form should be completed, signed and returned upon the student being offered a place. This includes acceptance of the Standard Terms and Conditions, which includes the financial obligations.

There is a possibility to pay in instalments. Application via finance@internationalschooldelft.org 


Fee Payment Schedule
The following table outlines the schedule of fees to be paid when starting or leaving ISD during a school year.

  Starting in month Leaving in month
August 100% 50%
September 100% 50%
October 90% 50%
November 80% 50%
December 70% 50%
January 60% 60%
February 50% 70%
March 40% 80%
April 30% 90%
May 20% 100%
June 10% 100%
July 10% 100%

The amount of additional costs will be determined, depending on the activities that will take place, and the benefits that a student will enjoy upon arrival, or the activities that have taken place and the benefits that a student has enjoyed at the time of departure.