Language learning

Competency in more than one language is central to learning. Lessons are taught in English and, as is common in many international schools, English is not first or even second language of our students. Therefore, the support and teaching of English Language Learners (ELL) has great emphasis at ISD.

At ISD, class sizes are small and teachers have experience of teaching ELL within the main classroom. Keeping students in the main classroom whenever possible ensures children do not miss out on curriculum entitlement. Additionally, specialist ELL support outside the classroom is available when deemed appropriate.

Dutch is also taught to enable ISD students to integrate with the local community. Teaching of Dutch in PYP is done in 2 streams, intermediate/ advanced Dutch (for native or near-native speakers) and additional foreign language Dutch (for all other students). At the MYP, Dutch is offered at different levels: Language and Literature Dutch (for native or near-native speakers) and Language Acquisition Dutch (for all other students).  
Home language learning is strongly encouraged to enable students to maintain their cultural heritage and identity. Maintaining high levels of home language is also a feature of high cognition and is a key determinant in the development of international mindedness.

A home language library is planned for the secondary school. Families are encouraged to share and exchange their own resources, as well as maintain their home language in order to strengthen students’ general language development.