Book Week: ‘Apart but Together’

Contribution by Lucy Doyle

From the 10th to the 12th of May ISD primary held Book Week. The theme for the week was ‘Apart but Together’, recognising the way that we have all had to keep apart – from our family and from our friends – but celebrating the ways we are connected. The classes read lovely stories such as ‘The Invisible String’ and did lots of activities based around books and keeping in touch.

One of the best things that PYP 4 experienced, and I’m sure it was the same for other classes, was watching videos of Grandparents reading stories. The children loved to hear and see their own grandparents, and to listen to stories in English as well as other languages. Thank you to all the families who organised and sent story videos to the teachers.
As well as this, the children wrote postcards to friends or family around the world. On Wednesday everyone dressed up as their favourite book character – even the teachers! 
We had a competition to design a book cover, with the book title being ‘Apart but Together’. So many children (and some teachers) drew thoughtful and imaginative designs. The winners were Penny from PYP 4 and Sofia from PYP 5A.