Interdisciplinary Unit MYP 2 (IDU): Arts and English

Miss Avery, Miss La Forge, and Mr. Dessens

On Monday the 14th and Tuesday the 15th our MYP2 students have been working hard on an Interdisciplinary unit for Arts & English.
We kicked off with a wonderful presentation by ISD parent, Ms Natali Simmonds, about her life as a writer and specifically her exploits as a writer of Manga. After her inspiring presentation, she stayed in class to give extra support to the students for the duration of the project. We would like to thank Ms Natali Simmonds for her contribution to this project.
Students were then given the task of writing and creating their own Manga story in the style of Kodomomuke. This style is aimed at young children (age 4-8) and mostly features animals and easy to follow storylines. In groups of three or four, students worked hard and it has been an incredible journey to see our students develop these beautiful stories, incl. lying giraffes, baby pandas, time-travel, science dolphins and so much more.

The students also worked hard on creating an exhibition in which they will be showing their final products. We will be informing all of you about the actual exhibition in the near future.

All in all, it is impressive and inspiring to see what our students can do.