ISD Primary: PYP 7 Exhibition a great success!

Contribution by Ms Sara Moroney

Congratulations to the PYP7 students for an outstanding Exhibition. Students showcased all the elements of PYP learning through their in-depth inquiries. 

During their inquiries, students worked in small groups to engage in six-week independent research project on chosen topics. They chose a wide range of topics: animation, virtual reality, ocean pollution, rivers of the Netherlands, electric cars, football, the performing arts, ADHD and anxiety, Vermeer, pets, and electricity. Students created attractive display boards to display their learning. 

Students researched through secondary sources of books, videos, and websites. Then they took agency by reaching out to the wider community for information, through Zoom interviews, and visits to The Green Village, The Vermeer Centrum, Euro Cup football game, and an e-car racing club, to name a few. Each session students planned their research, set daily goals and worked together to achieve their goals and ended the session with a reflection. 

Students took action by sharing their learning with the ISD community. During the day, they shared their inquiries with all the children at ISD. As communicators, they needed to engage young visitors and teach about their inquiries. Students created many interactive activities for their visitors, including games, a painting studio, fidget toys, animations, videos and a musical composition to play on the piano. 

Families were invited to a special evening session. Students had an opportunity to discuss their topics in-depth and answer a lot of questions. The evening closed with a graduation ceremony, where each child received a certificate. A celebratory cake and other treats topped off the evening.