MYP 3 Interdisciplinary Unit: Design and Humanities

Contribution by Ms Minke Veeneklaas

What happens if you tell MYP 3 students: 
“You are working for an advertisement business but also an environmental influencer; your task is to raise awareness of one of the issues of the Sustainable Development Goals. You should produce an awareness campaign that will attract a large number of followers and mobilize people to make a difference on a global scale. ‘
Some real good pieces of work and impactful campaigns!
In the past few weeks students in MYP 3 have been working on an interdisciplinary unit between Design and Humanities. Making connections between subject areas and learning across disciplines is an essential part of the MYP philosophy. In each year group, students take part in  an interdisciplinary project. The MYP 3 interdisciplinary unit focused on environmental sustainability. By investigating the UN sustainable development goals students were encouraged in the Humanities lessons to choose a sustainable development goal. In the Design lessons the focus was on the development of campaigns, what makes a good campaign and how do you reach a target group. After in-depth subject study students were asked to synthesize their ideas in an environmental campaign. 
By asking the question:  ‘Environmental sustainability, who cares?’ students were set a task to develop their own campaign on a sustainable development issue. Last week the students presented these to Mr. Madahar and Ms. Veeneklaas. We have seen some great presentations and have been impressed by the creativity and the great variety presented by the students. We are proud of the work they have done and would like to share some examples with you. 
As part of the project we also asked students to give each other feedback and asked them for feedback on this project. To conclude the students agreed that they liked this project because they had the freedom to choose a topic and how they wanted to present it.
All in all successful. яндекс