Careers Fair at ISD Secondary

Contribution by Mirjam de Bruin
On January 19th, the MYP 4 and 5 students at ISD had the opportunity to participate in the school’s first-ever Careers Fair. This was a unique and valuable experience for the students as they got to learn about various professional and academic paths and opportunities, as well as practice their networking skills.

The school was fortunate to have 18 different professionals from a range of industries and fields speak at the event. These professionals included an architect, a human resource professional, a legal counsel, a specialist nurse, an AI professor, and many others. This diversity allowed the students to gain a broad understanding of the different career paths available to them, and provided them with a valuable opportunity to ask questions and gather information from people with real-world experience.

During the Careers Fair, students could attend three different presentations, each focusing on a different area of interest. This allowed them to learn about the different careers in depth, and get a sense of what each entails. All students had one free period, during which the students were able to network with the speakers who were not presenting, ask questions, and get a more personal perspective on their careers.

We look back on the ISD Careers Fair as a great success and are grateful for the support of all the parents, staff, and partners who took time out of their busy schedules to speak at the event. Their contributions were greatly appreciated and helped to make the day a memorable and valuable experience for all of the students who participated. We hope that this event will become a regular part of the ISD calendar and provide future students with the same opportunities and experiences.