Winter Concert

Contribution by Ms Federica Grassulo

On 19 December, ISD had its first Winter Concert Ever! What an honor to have the opportunity to organize that with the students. MYP 1-2-3 classes and some MYP4/5 students worked really hard in the past 4 weeks, and I was amazed about the final result. In addition to the 6 class performances, we had the band, the choir, and some classical ensembles too. We had on stage a 6 hands piano piece, a duet, a flute trio, and some solo performers! So many talents in the school! After so much work, seeing the students on stage enjoying the performance with happy and proud faces was the best gift they could give to the big audience we had. So much dedication from every member of each ensemble is summed up so beautifully in the concert. Well, done students!