PYP6 Imagination Lab Exhibition 

Contribution by Ms Georgina Cuenca

Fridays are quite interesting and creative in PYP6. During Imagination Lab, the students have time to work on their creativity, giving life to some of their ideas. They start with some sketches because we all have plenty of interesting inspirations on our minds but, what about putting them on paper? That can be a challenge! After that, it is time to start with the tryouts. What if…? Taking risks, redoing, trying a range of different materials… in the end we end up with a nice result.  

Students got the idea to share this process with their families, so it was time to work on their Imagination Lab Exhibition. And that was the result! A merge of feelings came out. Excitement, nervousness, joy and tiredness at the end of the exhibition (they needed to answer lots of questions!). But we all really enjoyed the experience!