Music lessons in a remote learning setting

Contribution by our music teacher Federica Grassulo

Music lessons continue to take place at ISD, and remote learning has been a great opportunity to see all the students working independently.

In the early years, we are building on our singing repertoire. I published videos of me teaching new songs, and it has been amazing to see the children singing individually with the help of their parents. They are also experimenting with different kind of sounds by creating their own instrument using different materials and play along with it! 

In PYP 3, students are working on their rhythm skills. They have been sending an audio recording of rhythms I assigned to them and tried to play it. To connect their actual Unit (Seasons and weathers) to Music, we have been listening to the Vivaldi’s “4 seasons” focusing our attention on the spring. They drew their feelings while listening to this piece. 

PYP 4 is focusing on Music notation. I created a template where students had to write the right name of the notes on the music staff. They also had the opportunity to connect with their UOI by composing a “Rainforest symphony” using natural materials and playing along with it. By listening to Saint Saens’s “Carnival of the Animal”, they managed to understand how the composer expressed different kinds of animals, including habitat and movements throughout the Music.

PYP 5 is working on Beethoven, learning some expects of his life and listening to “Ode to joy”. The performance of this piece is the one played by the Rotterdam Philharmonic performed considering home restrictions. We have been learning about different instruments and highlighting how Music can connect everyone from each part of the world and how big is the power of Music.

PYP 6 is learning about different kinds of music styles and how immigrates have changed the music development. They wrote a letter to a musician refugee in The Netherlands, and we are currently waiting for his response. They also have been working on AI (artificial intelligence) in Music, using several apps to compose their own song.

At the same time, PYP 7 has been working on composing a song and listening assignment. They also experimented the 8D sound technology: listening, feeling and touching it. Check the video below and listen to it with headphones, it is an amazing experience indeed.

They have been exposed to different body percussion challenge as well. Feel free to get engaged as well. From next week we are going to start with our virtual live choir. Very exciting!