PYP 4 learns about organisms in the natural world

Contribution by year 4 teacher Kayleigh Adams

As part of our inquiry, the children have been researching different biomes. They have found out what the biomes look like, their weather and climate and have researched some plants and animals that live there. The children in PYP 4 have also researched the ways in which these animals and plants have adapted to survive in the biome. We received some wonderful information pages, posters, PowerPoints, photographs and videos to show the children’s learning

For our Maths inquiry, PYP 4 have been finding different ways to memorise their times tables. They have used all sorts of things from their home to help them, including their favourite toys. We have also been using Khan Academy to learn and practise new multiplication skills. We have also been learning about measurement in PYP4. We have used our research on different animals to measure and compare the size of various animals. It was really fun to see how big a giraffe would be compared to the children in our class!

In Language inquiry, we have been learning about fiction story writing. We have used the “Just so”, “Why” or “pourquoi” stories as our inspiration. These include stories such as, “How the Camel Got Its Hump” and “How The Zebra Got Its Stripes”. The children read these stories and organised the main events on a story mountain and are now writing their own stories. We can’t wait to read them!