Diary of an MYP student during Corona Time

By an anonymous student

The week of Monday 16-03-2020


 I didn’t go to school this week! I’ll tell you why. We have something in the world called Covid-19, it is a very bad virus that is believed to be man-made. It’s very sad when you think about it. On Friday the 13th, we were told that our teacher, Mr. Madahar, was preparing new things that we could use at home, to do schoolwork. The reason he did this is because the Dutch government had a meeting this weekend to decide whether or not students should stay home from school. You may wonder, why should students stay at home? Well, it’s because of the virus. While most people can fight the virus, those people can spread it very quickly to other people who may not be able to fight it and can pass away from it. The first few days I didn’t really care if I got the virus and I thought if I got it, it would be fine. When we heard the news that we had to stay at home, I didn’t care. In the beginning, I was quite happy about it. The first few days were fun; I was allowed to stay at home and play with my dog ​​and I could spend time all day with my mother and sister. But after the third day, I started missing school and my friends. I just missed being around other people. On Wednesday I also received news that the virus had spread to South Africa. And all my family and close friends live there, and then I started worrying about the virus, not about getting the virus, but more to spread it and that my grandparents could get the virus. Because most of the elderly cannot fight the virus and most people who pass away from it are all elderly people. Let’s talk about the fun that happened during the week. Me and my sister baked some cupcakes. I went on walks with my dog. I went on one thing called “meet” with all my classmates and teachers to take classes. I played board games with my mother. I called my dad during the week. So a lot of nice things happened.

Bye until next time.

Monday 23-03-2020

Good evening,

Today was not that interesting. I woke up and had cereal. I went to my laptop and did some schoolwork. I read my Dutch book “Graaf Sandwich”. I helped my mom clean the house. We had a chicken salad for lunch. And I did some schoolwork. It was actually quite boring today. We did some painting which was nice. If you’re wondering how I feel about the virus today, I feel the same as before. Afraid, not to get the virus, but that my grandparents can and if I get, I am scared to spread it to other people. We also heard the news that South Africa is going to possibly go on lockdown. And here in the Netherlands, there is a rumour that the schools will be closed for 9 more weeks. In any case, the May holiday is almost here.

See you later.

Tuesday 24-03-2020


Today was basically the same as yesterday, just a little more boring. All I did today was schoolwork. We had a maths “meet” for the first time. And I have to make my own exploration. I also finished a lot of work today which is great. It just feels great when you can finish something, and I finished a lot of things today. I started getting excited to go back to school because it would be 2 weeks and then we can go back, but it sounds like the government are going to add a couple of weeks and we will have to stay home longer. My family in South Africa is safe, at least the entire country is in lockdown. I had the best lunch today; my mom makes these sandwiches that she puts in egg and cinnamon and then she puts them in a pan to cook. It’s delicious. I hope tomorrow will be fun. I know PHE is going to be fun, I mean it’s PE online. But I will let you know what happens tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday 25-03-2020


Why is every day the same? Today we had our gym class, which was fun, we did some yoga. We had art; we are starting a new architecture unit. And then we had Spanish, which I finished a while earlier so that I could be offline a little bit earlier. Me and my sister played some board games and I painted with my mom. I am a bit annoyed at my house because there is not much to do. Every day feels exactly the same, long and boring. At the moment, we are all really confused about what happens with the coronavirus. There are people who are saying we will be on Lockdown until September, and others say they have added 9 weeks to our time to stay at home. Then people say until June 1. So it’s all a big mess right now. I hope this virus is over soon, I want to go back to school and out of my house.

Bye bye.

Thursday 26-03-2020

Good evening.

Today was fun. First thing this morning I received a call from my father from South Africa. He asked how my week was and how the quarantine is going. He told me that in South Africa if you go outside, you will be arrested unless you go to buy food and if you wear a mask. That’s really scary. I have finished reading my English book that I have been reading for a long time, so I am really happy that I finished it. And we decided to have a barbecue and it reminded me a lot of South Africa. It reminded me of all the weekends with my dad and all the parties I had with my friends. Barbecuing is a very big thing in South Africa, so it reminded me of home a lot. We also heard I think, next Tuesday they will decide if we should stay at home or if we can go back to school. I hope we can go back, but I don’t think that’s the case. Most of the world is on lockdown, so the chances of us going back to school is very small. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

See you tomorrow.

Friday 27-03-2020


Before I tell you about my day, we have to talk. This coronavirus needs to go away. It has gotten out of hand. You can get fined from 400 euros to 4000 euros for being too close to someone or being in a big group of people. That’s crazy. In some countries, you can go to jail if they find you outside. The stores are empty. People are fighting over toilette paper. What has this world become? I really wish everyone the best of luck during this time because it’s crazy to think about the fact that the whole world is basically shutting down. Now that I got that out of the way. Today was fun, well, not really fun I just did a bunch of things. I did a ton of schoolwork. I did some exercising for PE. We are starting a new design unit and I am thinking of making a board game for it. I did some cleaning and I helped my mom with washing. I organised my room. I did a lot of things today. The only sad thing is that it’s a time of the year that we moved to the Netherlands and every year about this time I am just a little bit sad. Because I miss my friends and family back in my home country. Don’t get me wrong, I love this country and my school and my friends, but I miss everything back in my home country a lot this time of the year. I hope tomorrow is a lot of fun. It’s weekend tomorrow so.

See you later, alligator.