PYP 6 learn to code at the TU Delft Science Center

Contribution by Payal Bhaskar and Ingrid Beekhuizen

PYP 6 had a fantastic and engaging morning at the Science Center, TU Delft, where they learned to code Ozobots. This interactive session was guided by university students, adding an extra layer of excitement. The students thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of programming the bots to move at various speeds and master navigating complex intersections from multiple directions. Teamwork was essential, as they collaborated to overcome tricky situations and ultimately achieve their objectives. Maja and Otilia reflected on their experience learning:

What did you enjoy about this experience at TU Delft
We really enjoyed robot colour coding. We really liked the little robot, and we named it Bot.

What new thing did you learn about coding?
We learned how to code with colours. We also learned that the robot has a sensor for colours and if you put the colours in an order the robot will do something. Every robot has to be taught before it actually works and at first, it is not so smart.

How might this learning experience connect with Space?
You also need to teach coding to a rocket. A rocket is like a robot. Robots need technology. Robots also go to space.

What did you learn about yourself?
We learned that our favourite technique is coding with friends – we like collaborating together!