DP camp

Contribution by Liza Dippenaar
On August 23rd, ISD’s first-ever DP cohort embarked on an introductory camp, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey. The primary purpose of this camp was to provide our new DP students with a few days of relaxation before commencing the rigorous DP program. Furthermore, it offered our new and existing students a unique opportunity to come together, partake in team-building activities, and gain insights into core DP components, such as CAS and the mentor program.

After three exciting days filled with countless volleyball matches, great conversations, and engaging activities, our students ended the camp with a memorable BBQ night. As they returned to Delft, they carried with them excitement for the DP and they were ready to confront the challenges that await them over the next two years.

We were very proud of our former MYP 5 students for making the new DP students feel so welcome and at home. Their inclusive spirit made the newcomers feel like valued members of the ISD community from day one. As we look ahead, we are confident that our DP students are well-prepared to embrace the opportunities and academic rigors that lie ahead.