PYP 3 – Museum of Me

Contribution by Ms Alanna Johnson
Our first week of school began with us all getting to know each other in the Hedgehog Class (PYP3 A), which consisted of playing games, making birthday cards, our Class is a Family Poster and our classroom door display of mini Hedgehogs.
We started our new unit with a provocation of a ‘Museum of Me’, where the children brought in an item from home that is personal to them. We then walked around by ourselves and then with a friend to talk about what we could see and what the items mean to each other.
As a whole class, we created a ‘see, think, wonder’ poster which guided us in how the unit will be shaped. So, we started off with finding out each other’s hobbies both in school and at home.
This is a year-long unit, where we will be reflecting on each unit to find out whether or not our interests change.