International Day at Primary

Contribution by Ms Sandip Jagdev

International Day is always a highly anticipated event at ISD, serving as the highlight of the year where our community gathers to celebrate and showcase the diverse cultures represented within our school. This year, our International Day, titled “ISD Meets the World,” was a collaborative effort between our parent community, led by Ana, ISD, True Colors, and Hannah from King Productions, who worked hard to ensure its success.

One of the standout moments of the day was the lovely food brought in by everyone to share. Among the many culinary delights, the South African parents hosted a popular braai, and there was also a Biryani station serving delicious food. It was a joyous experience sampling the flavors from various countries.

Parents offered engaging activities such as Mehndi, Spanish crafts, and Dutch face painting. We all loved having our hands decorated and our faces painted and many children wore the beautiful Spanish flowers. The marble run in the sandpit, organized by Italian parents, was another highly sought-after activity.

In addition to the parent-led activities, we were fortunate to have some arrangements made by the school staff and Hannah Hooimans. Brazilian Jujitsu brought loads of fun, as did the Kenyan cooking and yoga classes. The Ecoteam nurtured seeds for children to take home, and we hope they will be blossoming beautifully.

A delightful surprise was the flashmob performance of the Macarena led by the PYP 6 children. It was incredible to witness everyone enthusiastically participating in this lively dance!

Throughout the day, we witnessed the incredible talents of our children and parents, with planned performances and spontaneous acts alike. International Day truly showcased the remarkable abilities within our community.

What an absolutely fantastic International Day! I was so happy to be part of this unforgettable experience with all of you.