The Power of Music

Contribution by Ms Federica Grassulo and Michele Ellis

The power of music is the power of bringing people together” – (Sofia Chihaia PYP6)

Like the music teachers, music has accompanied many of us throughout significant times in our lives. We easily recall songs of our childhood and teenage years as well as music that has marked significant events in our lives. We carry songs under our skin just like the bark rings of a tree. Music has been our steady and constant companion. Now we are at this unprecedented time. What will be the soundtrack of this period? Will it be the Italian balcony concerts, the amazing online massed choirs, or the sound of applause for our frontline workers?

For our youngest students, their music list may include The Carnival of The Animals and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as they have explored these pieces through movement, artwork, improvisation and performance activities. Homes have become dance studios, art spaces, digital workshops and performance venues and school lessons received through a gadget the size of a book. Parents have become teachers, mentors, film directors, artists, ICT specialists and numerous other roles. The older children have been exploring how sound works by creating self-made instruments and using them in original compositions. They have explored how music has travelled and evolved with immigration, listened to the music of masters, and made connections between art and music.

Davi Carvalho Sousa – Impressions of Winter created using dots and lines while listening to the second movement of Winter composed by Antonio Vivaldi. 

Their playlist of this time is certain to be varied from rap to the classics. Above all they have reflected on the power of music on a personal and global scale. Here are some of their insights:

The power of music is that it can be whatever you want it to be. (Alex Zwart PYP6)

Music brings people together in a way nothing else does. (Dorka Bek PYP6)

Music is color and freedom because when I listen to music, I do art and I have freedom with that. (Josefine Rijnders PYP6)

One can imagine a rich and varied playlist from the many diverse cultures and personal stories of the ISD community. This weekend take time to listen to few pieces on your playlist. Let the sounds take you to those memorable times and places, to people you hold in your heart, and release or remember the feelings of joy, hope and love.