ISD Primary - Distance Learning


We ask the support of parents or guardians for directing time and attention, for helping their child understand instructions and activities, and for ensuring their child completes assignments according to expectations.

We understand that parents may have more than one child at home requiring guidance while they are themselves working for their employer at home. Distance Learning can be challenging and we would like to emphasise that there will be flexibility in the way distance learning can be used.


As a guideline, we will put an average workload of 10- 15 hrs a week per child on Seesaw.  These include language, maths and inquiry. Specialist teachers will post their own assignments and activities on SeeSaw. Teachers will prepare assignments and resources for the children. They will plan certain times during the day or week to give feedback on children’s work. This will not always be instantly.

Contact via Google Meet

All teachers schedule 10 mins a week per child in a Google Meet. This is to check how the children are doing, if things on Seesaw are working well, and other items that the children want to discuss, as contact with their teacher is very valuable. Parents from the Early Years group can have the meetings together with their children. We will also be scheduling a 30 min Google Meet session for the whole class once a week.

The individual and group meetings are not mandatory, but it could be very valuable for children to be in contact with each other and the teacher.