ISD SECONDARY - Distance Learning


We ask the support of parents or guardians for directing time and attention, for helping their child understand instructions and activities, and for ensuring their child completes assignments according to expectations.

We understand that parents may have more than one child at home requiring guidance, and may be working for their employer at home at the same time. Distance learning can be challenging and we therefore would like to emphasise that there will be flexibility in the distance learning methods.


Distance learning will look different from homework. Subject teachers will assign work as ‘packets’ or ‘week- tasks’ rather than traditional lesson based assignments. All assignments will be uploaded on ManageBac, with instructions and materials. Students will be asked to do a variety of tasks and may even be asked to go outside. Students may take videos or photos, do work on the computer or on paper, or create something at home. There will be deadlines for the assignments, but students are flexible to work on their assignments.

Contact via Google Chat / Meet

We will continue to keep to our daily timetable and strive to keep the school day as normal as possible. To achieve this, we will start every day at 8.30 with a check-in of all students in Google Chat.

Following the 10 minute check-in, the school day starts and the teachers will be available on Google Chat for students during their regular subject times.

Other times in the week can also be arranged to communicate during school hours, if needed. 

Teachers will also use Google Meet (video chat) to talk to students individually or in groups.