Community Committee

The aim of the Community Committee is to make the school community even stronger, more supportive and fun.  The committee is open to all parents who are interested in planning events in the school community, in cooperation with the school.
If you would like to join the parent helper group, please send an email to the chairperson Anita, at

Throughout the year, the committee supports the school by organising cultural events and festivals and adding some special activities to the students’ special days. The Committee also works with the Student Council, a body of students from each year group who have been elected by their classmates to represent them when planning such events. It is important to have a collaborative and supportive group, where everyone feels at home.

Below is a list of the events and celebrations in 2019-2020.

Event   Date
Halloween   Wednesday 31st October
Diwali   Wednesday 7th November
Sinterklaas   Wednesday 5th December
Christmas   Thursday 20th December
Chinese New Year   Wednesday 6th February
Book Week (Dutch)   Monday 25th – 29th March
Koningspelen   Wednesday 10th April
Ester breakfast   Thursday 18th April
Eid   Wednesday 5th June (provisionally- need to confirm
International Day   Saturday 22nd June
Sports Day   (Date to be confirmed)