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Project with the WaterLab – Delft Measures Rain

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva Ordaz and Ms Gabriella Angelin Teixeira During the science lessons,..

PYP 7 – AI generation workshop with TU Delft students

Contribution by Payal Bhaskar The PYP 7 had the opportunity to collaborate with TU Delft..

Nurturing creativity in the PYP 7 music lesson

Contribution by Ms Ilein Bermudez The idea for this unit on ancient civilizations was to..

Eco-school Green Flag Certification

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva-Ordaz We started the eco-school journey in January 2020 and have..

Class Camp Domburg PYP6

Contribution by Mr Mark ShillitoePYP6 went on class camp to Domburg and stayed in a beautiful..

Sportsday ISD Secondary

Contribution by Ms Loes Bekkers On Tuesday, September 20th, the very first ISD sports day..

Surviving in the Wilderness

Contribution by Mr Mike Dessens and Ms Nané Paraiso One of the activities during the..

Beach clean-up day was a great success!

Contribution by Evi Hurd – student in MYP4On Saturday, the 10th of September, ISD went..

PYP7 Expressing Emotions Through Art

Contribution by Ms Ingrid Beekhuizen During the past weeks, we enjoyed opportunities to develop skills..

PYP 7 camp – June 2022

Contribution by Ms Ingrid Beekhuizen Our recent PYP7 camp in the Biesbosch Dordrecht was a..