Digital Citizen Week at ISD Secondary  

Contribution by Ms Elize Burgess
Two weeks ago it was Digital citizenship week and we wanted to focus on this with our students and parents at ISD secondary. There were two big activities organized.  

The first one was for MYP1 and MYP2. The Big Mo theatre company came to visit us again and repeated their popular improv theatre show that they did for our other groups last year. With this show, important themes were discussed such as hacking, online safety, cyberbullying, etc. The actors played scenes with the help and input of our students that touched on these themes and the effects certain decisions can have on others. The students were incredibly engaged and participated so well! After this session, the mentors took the themes further with a special mentor lesson that was designed as a continuation of the theatre show.  

The second activity was an information parent evening about our children’s social media use. Although fewer parents showed up than we anticipated, it was very informational and the expert from Bureau Jeugd & Media gave a lot of helpful information and tips on what the effects are of social media and how we can educate our children on using it appropriately. Sometimes we can feel like our kids are 10 steps ahead of us all the time with these technical applications, so any information that we can get is helpful. From Bureau Jeugd & Media we received an extra information sheet in English with helpful tips on creating balance in screen time. If you are interested in this, feel free to email us. 
All in all, a great success for meaningful conversations and insights!