PYP 7 – AI generation workshop with TU Delft students

Contribution by Payal Bhaskar

The PYP 7 had the opportunity to collaborate with TU Delft master’s students while using AI image generation to stimulate play and creativity in children.

In this project, the PYP 7 students used their descriptive vocabulary and an AI image generator to bring their imagination to life. We had the opportunity to provide children with a safe and secure way to play with and explore AI image generation and interact with others. This supported children in developing their communication skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills and creative skills in an exciting way. 

By using Co-design and workshops, children are developing a thorough understanding of values and preferences in regard to AI and AI image generation. The PYP 7 children enjoyed the workshops and came up with fascinating thoughts, questions and ideas. This workshop aims for the children to have a healthy relationship towards AI and understand the potential challenges involved in its use.