Class Camp Domburg PYP6

Contribution by Mr Mark Shillitoe
PYP6 went on class camp to Domburg and stayed in a beautiful old castle. We spent the first day exploring the beautiful grounds of the castle and beach combing and were even rewarded with a sea lion popping its head up near the beach! Terra Maris, a Zeeland natural history museum on the castle grounds was engaging and the gift shop a hit.
The castle hosted a super enjoyable talent show- featuring an amazingly talented and courageous group- from stand-up and dance to magic and song. Afterwards, we settled down for a good night’s sleep. We arose early for an adventurous start- a morning jog to the beach before sunrise.

After breakfast we enjoyed a great morning of activity: scootering around the nature trails, building a catapult and ending with a game of archery attack. Following lunch on our own island, we headed to the beach for a refreshing dip in the North Sea, games, and more beach combing, adding new shells to our collections. After mysterious tales of dancing wolves, we slept well. 

Early riser began the second morning with a morning walk, stretch and tree climb. Luckily, we were rewarded with sights of a family of deer in the forest.
We ended our time in Domburg with a fresh nature walk to the village.
We can highly recommend a trip to Domburg!
We were tired out but at the same time refreshed by the Zeeland breeze!
On our return, we reflected on the camp experience, and we chose words to describe the class:

Energetic, Kindness, Friendly, Passionate, Thinkers, Caring, Humourful, Kindness, Responsible, Exciting, Principled, Creative, Encouraging, Teamwork, Close, Helpful, Fabulous!

As you can see- the experience was memory full, rewarding and super positive.

The class, Mr Lars, Miss Georgina and Mr Mark are ready for the next adventure.