Beach clean-up day was a great success!

Contribution by Evi Hurd – student in MYP4
On Saturday, the 10th of September, ISD went out to Hudson Beach for our annual beach cleanup as a celebration of World Cleanup Day. Our students could earn Service as Action for this activity.
Service as Action is something all of our Secondary students must complete during their time at ISD. Service as Action is part of being a caring, responsible member of our school, local, and global communities. Active participation in Service as Action projects gives students hands-on experience and opportunities to learn more about the communities they are a part of.
For this year’s event, students and parents from PYP and MYP classes arrived at Hudson Beach at 11 in the morning. Students divided themselves into groups of 8-12. Then, we all split up to cover more ground. By the end of the two hours on the beach, each year group had collected a sizable pile of garbage. 
Doing the beach cleanup on World Cleanup Day was a great way for students to connect to their global community through service. Besides helping the environment and making the beach a more pleasant place for everyone, Service makes people feel good and gives students the chance to connect outside of the classroom.
Thank you to everybody who helped out and to the teachers that came out.