PYP 5: Media and advertising

In PYP5, our unit of inquiry focused on media and advertising techniques. Students inquired into the main persuasive strategies used by advertisers – specifically ethos, kairos, logos, and pathos. The class used the techniques they had learned to design adverts for the school gym bag. For the summative assessment, the students applied all that they had learned during the unit to create an advert for a product of their choice.  

Some of the students went above and beyond for their summative assessment. They created well-designed advertisements and took the initiative to make a positive impact in their community. They asked to host a sale for the products advertised and proposed that all the proceeds raised would be donated to help rehabilitate animals at a wildlife hospital in Delft and to purchase more books for the school library. The sale was very fun, and the students were able to raise a generous amount for both causes. Great job, PYP5!