PYP 6 – Inquiry into role models

By Sara Moroney & Mark Shillitoe

PYP 6 has been inquiring into the central idea that the choice of role models reflects the characteristics that societies and individuals value.

Students explored the genre of biography in reading class and then chose a subject as a role model to learn about. First, they generated questions about the person. Then, they did a ‘close read’ of their book and learned how to take notes with key ideas and phrases. They created a timeline of important events in the person’s life. They then chose 6 words to represent the qualities of the role model. Students reflected on the subject’s life story and began the creative process of portraying the person visually. Inspired by a study of surrealism, they sought to use symbols, colour and size to portray their role model. Through a variety of mediums such as cloth, clay and paint, students communicated their interpretation of the role model.  Students presented their creations through a class gallery walk.