ISD Primary Student Council Takes Action!

Food Collection for Delft Food Bank 

By Sara Moroney & Ryan Midgley

ISD Primary Student Council conducted a food drive for families in need before the holidays. The student council planned and implemented all the steps needed for this community action. Here are the steps we took to make it a success!

Step 1: Raise Awareness
Each class representative explained the need for the food drive to their classmates. Kids explained why families needed help and talked about what it feels like to be hungry. 

They also created a big poster as a daily reminder and had the information posted in Seesaw and Social Schools.

They decided on a prize for the classes that brought in the most items to motivate students.  Mr. Sander agreed to play the guitar for a sing-a-long with the winning class.

Step 2: The Daily Count (2 weeks)
Each day the student council representative counted the food items and encouraged classmates to keep bringing in food. So much food was collected the first week the food bank brought in extra crates.

Step 3:  The Last Day
Each class gave their final count. They brought their crates down for the food bank van to pick up. The student council added all the class totals together.

Step 4:  The Winners
PYP5 collected the most items and won a sing-a-long with Mr. Sander.
All classes received a certificate of appreciation and a holiday song with Mr. Sander. 

Step 5: The Donation
The amazing result: 40 crates of food and 1009 items donated! 

Step 6: A Big Thank you to the ISD Community!