PYP 7: Human emotions can be expressed through the arts

Contribution by Ms Ingrid, Ms Elthea and Ms Angelin

During our unit: Human emotions can be expressed through the arts, PYP 7 inquired into many different types of art including story writing and poetry. We had the opportunity to work with several experts in the field to guide and facilitate the learners. 

Story writing workshop

PYP 7 had the privilege to work with a real author, N.J. Simmonds, who facilitated a workshop on story writing inspired by art. During this unit, the students practised the writing process and wrote their own stories.  Miss Simmonds is the author of The Indigo Chronicles, Out of the Darkness (Manga) and one half of the writing duo Caedis Knight.

Claymation workshop
The students also learned how to illustrate their stories through Claymation. We invited an expert, Riëlle Beekmans, to guide the children to make clay animation. The children really enjoyed this workshop.

The connection between Art and Science workshop
Our guest scientist/artist and ISD secondary Science teacher Ms Angelin Gabriella Teixeira, facilitated this session based on a question posed by a student: ‘What happens in the brain that causes emotions when we experience art?’. We explored the connections between art, science and mindfulness. The students also observed the effects of gravity in drip painting based on Jackson Pollock’s artwork.