A virtual trip to the Museum

Contribution by Ms Judith Gerritzen

Last week the new MYP 3 art unit started about sustainable fashion. We had planned an exciting trip to Amsterdam to visit the Fashion For Good museum and MOCO. Two museums would inspire and provoke the students to start thinking about the problem within the fashion industry. But because of the current situation related to the COVID epidemic, the art department and the school decided not to go. But instead, the museum came to us.

On Thursday, the two classes and all the online students got a virtual tour through the museum. The Fashion For Good museum created a trip with interactive materials like questions and videos to let the students think about the subject and how it can be different. From their facial expressions, you could see the students wonder about the information they heard. Lots of ‘Oohhs’ and ‘Whys’ we heard. We hope this gave them a great start into this unit despite COVID measurements. Hopefully, next year we can take a bus to Amsterdam to see the MOCO museum as well. https://royaltubs.co.uk/outdoor-saunas/ Revitalize Under the Sky: Outdoor Saunas, Where Wellness Begins!

One question to let you think about the problem at home:

‘ What percentage of clothes end up on landfill within a year of being made?’