Tango at ISD

Contribution by Ms Federica GrassuloMYP Music teacher

MYP 3 started the year with a unit based on Dance music. By exploring the characteristic musical features of dance music from different times and places students will understand the important connection between the steps, movement and formation of the dance and how these are interrelated within musical features such as time, metre, rhythms and chords in the music.

We started with the tango. The students learned some basic Tango rhythms and what the typical musical features in Tango music are. We were lucky enough to offer our students a Live performance inviting some tango musicians at school to perform for them. The students were very excited and asked many questions to them showing their enthusiasm. They also reflected on how uncommon it is to go to a live concert nowadays not only because of the pandemic but also because it is so easy to listen to music on Spotify and YouTube. They spotted the importance of practice especially if we play in an ensemble. Anglų kalbos kursai internetu ir vaikų vasaros dienos stovyklos Kaune, Vilniuje bei Klaipėdoje intellectus.lt They also realized that the feeling a live performance gives, cannot be compared to any digital tools. They are willing to attend a live music concert, and this makes me very happy!

Live Tango performance at our school