Cultural Weekend trips to do with the whole family

From the Art Department and their new intern

Probably many of you know me as Miss Judith Gerritzen, the Dutch teacher or the librarian, but I am also an interior designer. And because we are all life-long learners, I decided to expand my horizon to become an art and design teacher. To do so, last August, I started my course to get my degree. That means from November on; I will be the Art intern at secondary. And I can not wait to start. 

In my opinion, the best teacher’s reflection of the impact of the lessons is when students take their learning into their real life. Therefore I created a set of posters for the Art department with the ten Learner Profiles (LP’s). We often speak about the Learner Profile as an IB school, which describes a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities beyond academic success. It represents who we want our learners to become. 

For this poster set, I did exciting research on all the current exhibitions in the Netherlands. And for each Learner Profile, I found a performance that reflects the idea of one of the LP’s. For example, I found an exhibition for the LP ‘Inquirers’ where sixty artists from different disciplines created art pieces with paper. Some artists highlight a theme but others use traditional or modern techniques for their art. They are all unique, and all started with just a slight interest in this material. And that is how an inquiry starts.

Below you can find the link for each poster with the exhibition details. I hope it will give you many lovely ideas to do with your family. We will also discuss the LP’s in class, but it would be nice to encourage your child to share the stories in the lesson. You can also share your opinion or suggestion with the school’s art teachers; maybe we can start our own ISD Weekend-Trip-Advisor. Now I mentioned our art teachers.  In advance, I want to thank  Miss van Paassen and Miss Avery, our dedicated secondary art teachers, for all the time and patience they, for sure, will have to give me in the coming months.