Make Your Mark in Design podcast

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva-Ordaz

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the Science Education Hub at TU Delft, we are happy to share with you that the new podcast is out.

This is the 3rd podcast out of 3 in the series focusing on Design Thinking called “Make Your Mark in Design” for children from 8 -13 years. 

This is the very first podcast ever in which children explore and explain how to design. In the Your Turn podcasts, the children discuss central elements of the design and provide playful exercises to do at home. The podcasts are made by Remke Klapwijk, a researcher in design and technology education at the TU Delft, ISD PYP 6 teacher and liaison with TU Delft projects Miros Silva, and a team of our students.

Why do designers need to test their designs? During this episode, you will make and test a carrier for transportation and experience the value of testing your design. ISD students, Nico and Bea share how they are using testing in an early stage as inspiration for the next step.

All podcasts can be found here