ISD secondary: Newcomers day

Contribution by students Loore and Yara (MYP 4)

We were welcomed into this school with open arms like no other school we have ever been to. We really got to know all the new students and staff on the first day because we played lots of games and we really got to connect. When the oldies (students who were here from last year) came, they were really nice and welcoming. Again we played games with them for the rest of the week and found many things in common with them but also went to multiple workshops including the culture workshop; where we discussed how different cultures go into conflict and what our culture is and means, selfie workshop; where we learned about lighting, poses and stories behind photos we were also able to take photos of ourself and show them to the class, and traffic workshop; we were discussing the safety of students riding bikes to and from school and this really helped us to notice cars and signs when riding.
Now that we have spent about 3 weeks in the school altogether, we are getting ready to go on our first big trip to the island of Texel where we are going to camp, see seals, surf, cook and much more. Big thanks to Mr Madahar (our mentor),  ms. Evelyne Le Poole.