TU Delft Collaboration: Design Thinking videos launched with ISD students in lead roles

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva-Ordaz

The design and problem-solving cycle are an integral part of ISD’s learning pedagogies. Design thinking supports learning by giving children their voice, choice and ownership of solutions they come up with based on real problems. To support and develop Design Thinking strategies, ISD has ongoing research projects with the Science Hub from the Faculty of Science and Communication and the Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft.

We are proud to share, that this month, one of our collaborative research projects launched 6 videos tutorials on Design Thinking strategies (part of a Design Toolkit) with our very own ISD students in the lead roles. 

The project started last year when students from the PYP 7 class 2019-2020 had to come up with a design solution to the problem: “How to repurpose an object for the wellbeing of people from my school community?”

Exploring, creating and testing is central to the design process. Usually, the designer moves from one activity to another, depending on what is needed now. These activities can be depicted by a design cycle that starts with exploring the current situation, problems and wishes of a certain target group and ends with a tested prototype that meets the needs of this group. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor design cycle
The Design Cycle

The students followed the 6 steps from the Design Cycle to come up with design solutions for their problem. For each of the steps, the students used Design Thinking tools that are developed by the Science Hub. Our students explained the tool they used to other children in the form of a video tutorial. Here below you will find six videos with our students that have been made available this month.

Design Thinking Tool videos
1.    Persona 
2.    Choose your side
3.    Inverse brainstorm
4.    Picture Brainstorm
5.     Choice-Box
6.    Solution Pitch 

The videos are part of a toolkit and lesson plan that aims to support teachers in their role as developers and facilitators of design processes. If you want to find out more about TU Delft and our collaboration with the “Design Thinking” approach you can follow this link

Both within the IB curriculum and the TU Delft, there is a strong focus on how to solve real-life problems with a design solution. This project has proven to demonstrate how ISD and TU Delft can mutually benefit from working together on the development of Design Thinking strategies and tools. The project is still under development and ISD continues to develop tools together with the TU Delft. Ensure your gaming experience is both thrilling and secure by visiting our selection of safe online casinos . Our website is dedicated to providing you with reliable, trustworthy, and thoroughly vetted online gaming platforms. With a focus on safety and fairness, we guide you to the best in the industry. Visit us now to explore a world of safe online casinos where you can play confidently and enjoy peace of mind with every bet.

We are very proud of the students from the International School Delft for sharing their ideas and design projects. We want to thank the filmmaker Ricardo Dutkowiak, the teachers and the TU Delft staff that made this project possible. We would like to give a special thanks to the “Innovatie Spot” initiative for sponsoring this project through the Expertisecentrum Wetenschap & Technologie Zuid-Holland.