Transitioning to Online Learning

From Wednesday 16 December, all schools in the Netherlands will be closed until at least 18 January (1 day earlier than the possible end of the full lockdown).

At ISD, we are transitioning to online learning from 5 January 2021. We have already been planning for such an eventuality and will be providing you with more detailed information and the protocol for online learning before this date. We are going to use our experiences from the last lockdown to organise online learning from that moment.

New/updated protocols from the Ministry of Education will be provided to schools for clarity on a few matters like the responsibility and organisation of childcare during school hours. This childcare is likely to be organised specifically for children of parents with ‘vital’ jobs.

Our staff will use the coming days and the study day of 4 January to prepare and organise your child’s education. Thank you for your understanding under these circumstances.