Dutch children’s book week at ISD

Contribution by the Language department

Last week it was the national children’s book week in the Netherlands. During the Dutch lessons at ISD, we celebrated this event with a reading and a creative activity on Friday. The theme of the children’s book week was Dutch history. Therefore, we focused on a specific historical and touristic item from Delft, ‘Delfts Blue’.

First, the library of Delft, DOK, read the book “Delft Blue, A vase for the princess” by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert online. This book tells the story of a cat who smashed a Delft Blue vase and how the mice put it back together.

Subsequently, the students could decorate a Delft Blue tile themselves. The result was incredible. The students worked creatively and were unstoppable at the end of the lesson. Many of them came back after a quick lunch to finish their tile or decorate another one. We can proudly say that we had a successful day, with so many different cultures enthusiastically discovering a new culture. We hope to continue to work with DOK in the future because it is an inspirational place where reading is bringing together people.