Shooting for the stars – TU Delft visit

On Friday 14 September, Kartik Kumar, a P.hD. student at the Faculty of Aerospace at TU Delft came to visit the year 6 students and share his passion for space. The year 6 students are currently learning about the solar system and it was great to see their enthusiasm.

Kartik gave a quick course on what humans have done in space so far and what is currently going on in the space industry. He also shared some of his projects like the testing of space suits in Austria for usage on Mars in the near future. The PYP 6 class found his chat truly inspiring and they came up with really interesting questions for their inquiry learning like:

  • Why is the space dark?
  • What happens to all the junk in space? 
  • How can you go to the toilet using the space suit?
  • What is radiation?

The children will keep working on their research in this inquiry journey and we want to thank Kartik for inspiring us to keep learning more about space.