Congratulations PYP7 on an excellent PYPX 2020

The PYP Exhibition is an in-depth collaborative inquiry, that demonstrates the children’s engagement and knowledge of the essential elements of the PYP. In ISD’s 2020 Exhibition, Group 7 students followed their passions to inquire about Fan Art, Women’s Rights, Art and Emotions, Living a  Healthy Lifestyle, Anime, Java Script, Endangered Animals, Cartoons, Transportation, Gems and Minerals and Animation.

During this inquiry,  PYP7’s demonstrated they are truly 21st-century learners. Each group designed an eye-catching board displaying their central idea, three lines of inquiry, a transdisciplinary theme, three key concepts and learner profiles attributes. In addition, many of these digital natives chose to show their learning through platforms such as Flip-a-clip, Khan Academy, Powerpoint Procreate, Inshot, Canva, and Google Slides and I-Movie.

Students researched through a variety of sources ranging from books, videos, websites, surveys to interviews. As PYP inquirers, they planned their research, set daily goals and reflected on their learning.

During the Exhibition, students used their excellent communication skills to educate and engage visitors ranging from aged 4 to adult. Visitors had the chance to take a survey, create a flipbook, paint like Van Gogh, learn how to activate the student-built e-jet engine, play a transportation game, vote on Fan Art, identify gems, listen to a talkshow podcast, enter a raffle, draw anime and watch original student-created videos. 

Finally, PYP7, led by the Endangered Animals group, had a craft sale and raffle to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. Thanks to the generosity of the ISD students, they were able to donate over 400 euro to WWF to adopt endangered animals and support women and girls rights in Nepal. Congratulations to PYP7s for educating and taking action, you are making the world a better place!