Visit to children’s garden de Boterbloem

Contribution by Mr Mark Shilitoe – PYP 6 teacher

As we are becoming a sustainable school, PYP6 are planning to visit children’s garden de Boterbloem each week to work on their own garden plots! The children will grow different plants and vegetables which they can take home when they are ready to be harvested. At the same time, they will learn everything about how the ecosystem of seeds, insects, worms, earth, water and sun work together to grow the plants.

Due to the Corona outbreak, the start of the gardening season has been postponed. In the meantime, I met with volunteers Leo, Diny & Wim as they shared their plans and preparation as whilst school is closed, the garden and plants can’t wait! Watch this short introduction to the gardens and what’s happening!

A week later, I returned to the children’s garden de Boterbloem. I was amazed to see how much has happened in a week- from bare earth. I helped out planting potatoes and onions under the guidance of volunteer Diny. 

Video Update:

Hopefully, soon we will be able to begin working on our gardens.