Update: letter to parents 17.3

17 March 2020

Dear ISD Students and Parents,

Today, Tuesday 17 March 2020, we have launched our distance learning programmes for both the primary and the secondary school. The programmes are available for our children and students to access from home.

The current situation provides all of us with a unique opportunity to temporarily shift the education of our students into a digital classroom. While we can no longer instruct our students face to face, we have learned that our existing focus on technology tools and independent learning allows us now to continue to provide our students with an effective alternative learning environment.

At ISD we have planned in advance and are prepared to face this transition. Our plans include instructions for students and information and tips for parents. These can be found on our website: https://internationalschooldelft.com/school-closure-information/

On the website, you will also find the latest news and regular updates as well as the contact person for specific queries you may have. We ask you to continue to monitor the website.

We also encourage you, both students and parents, to contact us and provide us with any feedback or suggestions you have regarding our digital classrooms. While we will do our utmost to provide an active and engaging learning environment, we value insights you may have for improvements.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Best Wishes,

Sander Raaphorst – sraaphorst@isdelft.nl

Jaap Mos – j.mos@internationalschooldelft.org